Other On-line Catalogue Services

Catalogue Host’s service is complementary to that offered by Invaluable, the Antiques Trade Gazette (the-saleroom.com) and UKauctioneers.com. These companies offer users simultaneous access to dozens of catalogues from auction houses both in Great Britain and abroad. Auctioneers benefit in that their catalogues are exposed to a wider audience beyond their established circle of buyers. In short, paying to have a catalogue on one or more of these sites may be regarded as a form of advertising.

Catalogue Host offers auctioneers the prestige and practical benefits of having interactive catalogues on their own web site. An auction house that has catalogues on their web site is no longer forced to send their buyers away from their own web site to another company’s site, where they will be encouraged to view other auction houses’ catalogues. Buyers may also be deterred from viewing a catalogue by some sites’ requirement that a buyer register before being allowed to view catalogues.

Some auction-management software products offer services that produce web catalogues. Catalogue Host offers superior features at low cost, and is available to any auctioneer.