Features And Benefits For Auctioneers And Buyers

Shopping Basket

All catalogues include a feature analagous to a shopping basket called ‘My Lots’, which enables buyers to gather together in one place any lots that they are interested in.

Commission Bids

From their ‘My Lots’ page a buyer can quickly and easily submit commission bids, which are immediately sent to the saleroom by e-mail. (This feature is optional, as some auction houses choose not to take commission bids from the web.)

Save Time & Ensure Buyers Have Up-to-date Information

Catalogue Host allows auctioneers to directly edit an on-line catalogue by adding condition reports and lot notes, uploading new illustrations, altering descriptions (e.g. correcting mistakes or withdrawing lots) and even entering sale results. This saves time in the saleroom as the auction house no longer has to answer repeated requests for the same information if images and condition reports are inserted directly into the web catalogue the first time they are requested. Publishing results in the on-line catalogue also reduces the workload in the busy hours and days after a sale, as buyers and vendors no longer need to telephone for that information.

Multiple Illustrations

Any one lot may be illustrated with an unlimited number of different images — ideal for lots containing more than one item, or for showing details of designs, marks, inscriptions or damages.

Buyers Automatically Notified Of New Catalogues

An auction house has their own page of current and recent catalogues which includes an RSS ‘news feed’. This will be automatically detected by modern web browsers (or can be added manually to news reader software or websites) which can then monitor the feed and alert the user to new catalogues as they are added.

As well as browsing a catalogue page-by-page users may also search by description and estimate, a feature particularly useful to specialist dealers and collectors. The search instantly displays a list of matching lots, each with its full description and, where available, a ‘thumbnail’ illustration. Users may also review their recent search terms, together with the number of lots that matched each search, and can re-run even the most complex of searches with a single click.

Lot Categories

Catalogues may also be divided into different sale sections, allowing users to browse and search those categories that are of particular interest to them.