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Catalogue Host is a unique service which puts sale catalogues onto auctioneers’ own web sites. These catalogues have sophisticated time-saving features for both buyers and auction houses. However the basic cost is just £30 per sale.

Not only does Catalogue Host allow an auctioneer to deliver an excellent service to buyers, but by doing so also helps to convince potential vendors that their goods will have the best possible chance of finding buyers at good prices.

Catalogue Host has been used by clients such as Mallams, Rowley Fine Art and Chorley’s for many years. Please visit their web sites to see examples of Catalogue Host’s service.

There is no contract that binds you to Catalogue Host, neither is any new software required, nor is there any need to update your existing web site. The service is easy to use — simply e-mail the text of a new catalogue to Catalogue Host.

Please contact James Harvard if you have any queries, or if you would like a free, no-obligation trial of Catalogue Host’s service for one of your forthcoming sales.