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Lot Description
A Chinese carved stone head
The male figure with an insect carved on to the scalp, now mounted on a later wooden stand. 17 cms high
A quantity of various mother-of-pearl gaming counters (Quantity)
A Chinese Export lacquered work box
The canted rectangular body with fitted interior. 32.5 cms wide.
Estimate: £150 - 250
A pair of cloisonne inset lacquered stands
Each with circular top decorated with scrolling flowerheads above shaped frieze and curved legs. Each 48 cms high; 44 cms wide. (2)
Estimate: £1,000 - 1,500
A pair of Chinese brass candlesticks
Each of elongated tapering form, standing on a spreading plinth foot, marked HSIANG YUN COMPANY, SING SENG ROADHANKOW to base. 32.5 cms high.
Estimate: £200 - 300
A pair of Derbyshire black slate candlesticks
Each variously inlaid, standing on square plinth bases. 29.5 cms high. (2)
Estimate: £250 - 350
A pair of 19th century brass mounted ostrich egg candlesticks
Registration lozenge to the underside. 26.5 cms high. (2)
Estimate: £100 - 150
A Frederick Goldscheider patinated tinted terracotta group
Depicting three black boys seated on a brick wall, the reverse with impressed applied table inscribed FR. Goldscheider 1190 Wien and beneath impressed mark Reproduction Reservee. 58 cms high.
Estimate: £400 - 600
A Renaissance style bronze ewer, in the manner of Cellini
The urn cast with putti, satyr and hippocamp. 44 cms high.
Estimate: £400 - 600
A pair of 19th century cast metal roundels
Of Renaissance style, one depicting Roman scenes, the other a massacre. Each 26 cms diameter. (2)
Estimate: £100 - 150
A finely cast pair of early 19th century bronze candlesticks
Each of broad columnar form with removable drip pans above mask headed column terminating with a band of gadrooning, on truncated pyramidal bases. Each 22 cms high. (2)
Estimate: £400 - 600
Six various cold painted bronze dogs
The largest 8 cms high. (6)
Estimate: £300 - 500
Seventeen various cold painted bronze dogs and a horse
The largest 4.5 cms high. (18)
Estimate: £300 - 500
An early 20th century Austrian cold painted bronze model of a pheasant
The bird with outstretched wings and raised head, painted in naturalistic plumage, mounted on a turned metal base. 19 cms high.
Estimate: £400 - 600
An early 20th century Austrian cold painted bronze group by Bergman
Modelled as a North African woman leading a donkey and ploughman, on a cast base with wooden plinth. 23 cms wide.
Estimate: £500 - 800
An early 20th century Austrian cold painted bronze mode of a camel
With pin cushion form back, the underside stamped Geschutzt. 11 cms wide.
Estimate: £100 - 150
A Putto and a Retriever
Bronze with mid brown patination, inscribed to the base
23 cms wide
Estimate: £150 - 250
A 19th century Egyptian Revival cast bronze figure of a attendant
Modelled wearing a headdress and holding a tray, bronze with mid brown patination mounted on a later associated wooden base, (the top with drilled hole, possibly for lamp fixing). 17 cms high.
A late 19th century Continental carved marble bust of a girl
Modelled looking to her left, her modesty preserved by scrolling acanthus leaves, standing on a turned fossilised marble plinth base. 65 cms high.
Estimate: £300 - 500
The Infant Hercules, modelled wearing a lion skin and resting on a stick
Bronze with mid olive brown patination, mounted on a slate and marble base
Overall height 34 cms
Estimate: £800 - 1,200
A late 18th/early 19th century bronze model of a standing lion
With cast and chased mane, mounted on a slate base. 16 cms wide.
Estimate: £200 - 300
An early 19th century cast iron model of a recumbent lion
70 cms wide.
Estimate: £100 - 150
ALEXANDER PHIMISTER PROCTOR (1860-1950) Canadian/American
An Arab Stallion
Bronze patination, base inscribed A. Phimister Proctor. Copyright 1895
44 cms wide; 33 cms high

Note: Alexander Phimister Proctor was born 17th December 1860 in Ontario, Canada. His family moved to Michigan in 1863 where he developed a love of hunting and sketching wild animals. His first art lessons were in Denver and his first employment was with a wood engraving firm. In 1885 he sold a gold claim and with the proceeds went to New York to study art at the National Academy of Design. He dedicated his working life to creating monumental statues seen throughout the united states in addition to making available smaller bronzes to the general public.
Estimate: £1,500 - 2,500
A Jester, in comic pose
Bronze with mid brown patination
21 cms high
Estimate: £150 - 250
NORTH EUROPEAN SCHOOL (early 19th century)
A Young Boy with a Basket, wearing a broad rimmed hat
Bronze with mid brown patination
14.5 cms high
Estimate: £150 - 250
Bust of a Cardinal
Signed Cordier 1863 and inscribed Chez l'auteur Rue de l'Est
40 cms high
Estimate: £350 - 450
ENGLISH SCHOOL (19th century)
Two Portrait Busts, one of a gentleman, the other of a woman with ivy in her hair
White marble
Each 53 x 38 cms (2)
Estimate: £500 - 800
FRENCH SCHOOL (19th century)
Bust of a Young Child
Alabaster on later wooden base
27 cms high overall
Estimate: £200 - 300
An Exotic Dancer, in colourful dress
Bronze with mixed patination, the triangular base signed F. Preiss and mounted on a green onyx and black polished stone base
37 cms high
Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000
A 19th century French figure of St. Therese
Bronze with shaded patination with ivory face and hands. 32 cms high.
Estimate: £300 - 500
No lot.
No lot.
A 19th century painted copper fire mark?
Modelled as a crowned lion holding a sword and sceptre and seated on a crown. 46 cms high.
Estimate: £200 - 300
A leather fire bucket
One side decorated with a sunburst. 29 cms high, (excluding handle).
Estimate: £100 - 150
A Victorian Mayoral truncheon
The top inscribed Essex above a crest and the word Mayor. 46 cms long.
Estimate: £100 - 150
A polished coco de mer box
The nut with butterfly shaped hinge mounted on a cast stand. 33 cms wide.
Estimate: £400 - 600
A Victorian mahogany inlaid tray
With brass handles.
A 19th century brass inkwell
Modelled as a begging dog, mounted on a later oak plinth base, well lacking. 16 cms high.
Estimate: £100 - 150
An early 19th century painted lead tobacco box
The canted rectangular body surmounted with a figure of a hound, the side decorated with tavern scenes, pipes, bottles, etc. 12.5 cms wide.
A 19th century Welsh brass snuff box
The oval body inscribed John Davies, Swansea 1891; another brass snuff box, inscribed James Ward Manooney 1869; and a silver plated snuff box. The former 7 cms wide. (3)
Two 18th century enamelled snuff boxes
Each of oval form with floral decoration. Both approximately 6 cms wide. (2)
Estimate: £100 - 150
An early 19th century carved wooden pipe tamper
Modelled as a greyhound and hare. 9.5 cms high.
Estimate: £300 - 500
A late 19th century dish stand
The trilobed body with carved decoration and central turned handle. 40 cms wide.
Estimate: £200 - 300
A Victorian parquetry inlaid rosewood novelty money box
The lobed hexagonal body with brass money slot to the centre. 17 cms wide.
An early 20th century champleve enamelled table lamp base, probably French
The circular section column decorated with pink and white flowers, on a circular foot. 31 cms high.
Estimate: £100 - 150
A 19th century German silver mounted large meerschaum pipe
The bowl of flattened shape carved with hounds chasing deer and various animals, the bowl with domed white metal cover. The bowl 17 cms high from base to top of silver cover (excluding tubing and mouthpieces fitting).
Estimate: £300 - 500
A World War II Nazi flag
With central swastika within circular surround, the corners with metal eyelets; a collection of black and white photographs; an escutcheon tied with a label inscribed From main corridor Reich Chancellery, Berlin, January 1946; a bell pull and bronze handle, also apparently from the Reich Chancellery; together with a quantity of bank notes and other ephemera. The flag 74 x 89 cms. (Quantity)
Estimate: £150 - 250
A 15th century pike, probably Flemish, and a 16th century pike
Both on later wooden shafts, the former 25 cms long; the latter 200 cms long. (2)
Estimate: £400 - 600
An early 17th century Dutch rapier
The flattened diamond section blade engraved with mottos and dated 1617, with pierced open bowl guard, knuckle bow and ball pommel. 170 cms long.
Estimate: £1,500 - 2,000
A 17th century Indian Patar
With double edged steel blade and pierced steel gauntlet hilt. 115 cms long.
Estimate: £400 - 600

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