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Thursday, 12 December, 2013

The Design Age: International Studio Ceramics & Decorative Arts and Modern British & Continental Art

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Robert Rivers (American, Contemporary)
Chinese White
signed and titled (to reverse)
mixed media on panel
60cm x 76cm.

with The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh.
Sold for £100
Igor Mitoraj (Polish, b.1944)
signed and marked 'nostra tesconi pietrasanta'
23cm high, 25cm across.
Edition number 243/250
Sold for £1,000
Peter Lanyon (British, 1918-1964)
Two collage Christmas cards, circa 1950s
each signed and inscribed by the artist
the largest 13.5cm high, the smaller 9.5cm high.

One of the collages inset panel with inscription 'New work very angular, square and BLACK. Death creeping on etc. Shades and dim skies. Roll on Italy, I go in Jan. for four months love to your family, Will write when things ease up. Peter.'

Roland Bowden and thence by family descent.

Roland Bowden was an artist, poet and teacher and a close friend of Peter Lanyon.
Sold for £980
Norman Adams (British, 1927-2005)
Reflections, 1991
initialled and dated (lower right)
mixed media
36cm x 24cm.
Sold for £95
Friedrich Feigl (Czech, 1884-1965)
Lot and his daughters
signed (lower left)
oils on canvas
52cm x 67.5cm.
Sold for £720
Knox Martin (American, b.1923)
Primitive Nudes
signed (lower right)
oils on board
60cm x 77.5cm.
Estimate: £200 - 400
Enid Marx (British, 1902-1998)
Design for Wallpaper II, 1949
signed in pen (in the margin)
ink and watercolour
20cm x 23cm.

Sally Hunter Fine Art, Enid Marx, March 1988, No.61.

The Margot Coatts Collection;
with Sally Hunter Fine Art Limited.

Enid Marx was a painter and designer. Initially she went to work with the textile designers Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher in Hampstead, before setting up her own workshop and making hand-printed textiles. She also became a well-known book illustrator.
Sold for £580
Maurice C. Wilks (Irish, 1910-1984)
Evening, Belfast Lough
signed (lower right), titled (to reverse)
oils on canvas
49cm x 60cm.
Sold for £2,000
Tadashi Sato (Hawaiian, 1923-2005)
Untitled, 1958
signed and dated (lower right)
ink and watercolour
23cm x 36cm.
Sold for £580
Harold Voigt (South African, b.1939)
Earthscape I
signed (lower right)
mixed media on canvas
30cm x 67cm.

with The Everard Reed Gallery, Johannesburg.
Sold for £800
Harold Voigt (South African, b.1939)
Earthscape II
signed (lower right)
mixed media on board
28.5cm x 70cm.

with The Everard Reed Gallery, Johannesburg.
Sold for £800
Harold Voigt (South African, b.1939)
signed (lower right)
mixed media on board
57.5cm x 120.5cm.

with The Everard Reed Gallery, Johannesburg.
Sold for £1,400
Maud Sumner (South African, 1902-1985)
Village in Winter
signed (lower right)
ink and watercolour
62cm x 48cm.

with The Everard Reed Gallery, Johannesburg.
Sold for £550
John Meyer (South African, b.1942)
Going to Bakerville,
signed (lower left), signed, titled and numbered '8942' (to reverse)
oils on canvas
69cm x 79cm.

with The Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
Sold for £6,400
Francois Koch (South African, b.1944)
Klaserie Road
signed (lower right)
oils on canvas
53cm x 89cm.

The Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg.
Sold for £550
Kathleen Barrett (British, 1911-1986)
Young boys wrestling, circa 1930-1935
bronzed resin
32.5cm high.

Family of the artist.

Kathleen Barrett studied at the Blackheath Art School (1926-32) and Royal College of Art (1932-35) and her tutors included James Woodford, Douglas Percy Bliss, Reginald Brill and Barnett Friedman.

After a period as a modeller for Applied Arts (1936) and demonstrator for Dennison-Victor (1937), she qualified as a teacher in Arts & Crafts and Embroidery, teaching at the Ancona Road School, St. Joseph's Convent and Eltham Hill School.

She exhibited a similar piece 'Boy and Fishes' at the Royal Academy and Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts in 1931.
Estimate: £80 - 120
Kathleen Barrett (British, 1911-1986)
Girl with crossed arms, circa 1932-35
moulded clay
23cm high.

Family of the artist.
Estimate: £50 - 100
John Howlin (British, b.1941)
Untitled, 1964
inscribed and dated (to reverse)
oil paint and plastic emulsion
58cm x 51cm.
Sold for £80
Matthew Greenhalf (British, Contemporary)
Blue Bridge
signed and titled (on card to reverse)
oils on canvas
114cm x 162.5cm.

Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.
Sold for £750
Geoffrey Clarke (British, b.1924)
Pyramus and Thisbe, 1985
impressed monogram, from an edition of 38
cast by Wolverhampton Polytechnic (The Medal 7, 1985)
9cm diameter.

with The Fine Art Society, London.

Geoffrey Clarke's sculpture Pyramus and Thisbe was shown at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition in 1985 and this edition was commissioned by the British Medal Society.
Sold for £1,700
Hans Feibusch (German, 1898-1998)
Portrait of Phyllis Bray, 1972
initialled and dated (lower right), inscribed in pencil (to reverse)
32cm x 27cm.

Phyllis Bray was assistant to Hans Feibusch and their collaboration lasted for over forty years. Together they created paintings for Chichester Cathedral, Dudley Town Hall and many mural paintings around the British Isles.
Sold for £260
Phyllis Bray (British, 1911-1991)
Cherubs holding aloft a coat of arms, and a collection of further drawings and prints
some with Phyllis Bray studio stamp, including pastel sketches made for the V&A Museum Britain Can Make It exhibition
the former gouache and watercolour on card
54cm x 71cm, all unframed.
Sold for £150
Phyllis Bray (British, 1911-1991)
Kneeling figure in a landscape garden
initialled (lower left)
oils on canvas
50cm x 75cm.

This painting hung in the studio of Hans Feibusch until his death;
with Duncan Campbell Fine Art.
Estimate: £500 - 800
John Armstrong (British, 1893-1973)
The Three Philosophers, 1945
initialled (lower right)
tempera on paper on board
49cm x 70cm.

The Royal Academy of Arts, London, John Armstrong Retrospective, 1975, cat. no.90;
New Grafton Gallery, London, March 1984.

In The Three Philosophers Armstrong builds up a textured surface using single brushstokes of colour on a contrasting background, typical of his work during the mid-1940s.
Sold for £5,500
John Tunnard (British, 1900-1971)
Mirage, 1944
signed, dated and numbered 'D139' (lower right)
pen, black ink, watercolour and gouache
37.5cm x 55cm.

with The Redfern Gallery, London, December 1944.

see Alan Peat and Brian Whitton, John Tunnard: His Life and Work, Scolar Press, 1997, p.168 for reference to this work.

During World War Two, John Tunnard worked as a coastguard on The Lizard peninsular and this deeply influenced a number of his works of this period such as Mirage painted in 1944.

Tunnard plays with space, introducing semi-transparent forms, intersecting planes and biomorphic elements in Mirage, akin to some elements of Naum Gabo's constructive work. Notably some of these forms give the impression of wartime wings and rudders on the beach.
Sold for £14,500
John Tunnard (British, 1900-1971)
Solitaire for Space Travellers, 1959
signed, dated and numbered 'TRG11' (lower left)
watercolour, gouache, pencil and wax crayon
37cm x 55cm.

McRoberts and Tunnard Ltd., London, 1959, no.44.

with McRoberts and Tunnard Ltd., London.

see Alan Peat and Brian Whitton, John Tunnard: His Life and Work, Scolar, Press, 1997, p.191 for reference to this work.

By the late 1950s Tunnard had developed an interest in space exploration and supersonic flight, at the height of the international space race, which had begun in 1957 between the USA and The Soviet Union. Solitaire for Space Travellers shows his development and interest in playing with vast distances, night and day, and static and slow moving objects.
Sold for £8,000
Duncan Grant (British, 1885-1978)
Still life with the white jug
signed (lower right) and with initials (to reverse)
oils on board
59.5cm x 38.5cm.

Collection of Paul Roche.

The white jug shown in this painting is probably the same one that appeared in many of Vanessa Bell's and Duncan Grant's paintings, the earliest example being its addition in about 1918 to an abstract painted in 1914, now known as 'The White Jug'. A photograph of the jug at Charleston appears as plate 63 in Omega & After by Isabelle Anscombe.

Paul Roche was a British poet, novelist, Professor of English and noted translator of Greek and Latin classics. He was a habitué of the Bloomsbury Group and was particularly close to Duncan Grant, who he met in 1946 and whom came to live with him and his family until Grant's death in 1978.
Estimate: £7,000 - 9,000
Germaine Chalhoub (French, 1910-1996)
Buste de Soudanaise
initialled 'G Ch'
40cm high, 37cm across.

Germaine Chalhoub was a noted painter, sculptor, teacher and critic, who exhibited after the Second World War at the Exposition de l'Atelier and her writings included Education, artistique, culture & musee (1970).
Estimate: £200 - 300
Auguste Matisse (French, 1866-1931)
The Red Sail
signed (lower right) and inscribed (lower left)
pencil, watercolour and gouache
12cm x 17.5cm.

with The Fine Art Society, London, 1927;
Property of A. Price?, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.
Sold for £300
William Gear (British, 1915-1997)
Untitled, 1966
signed and dated 'Feb '66' (to reverse)
oils on canvas
120cm x 80cm.
Estimate: £4,000 - 6,000
William Gear (British, 1915-1997)
Untitled, 1962
signed and dated (lower right)
mixed media on paper
56cm x 76.5cm.
Sold for £750
Merlin James (British, b.1960)
Houses by the Sea, 1990
oils on canvas
90.5cm x 152cm.

The Albemarle Gallery, London, Merlin James, December 1990, no.12.

with The Albemarle Gallery, London.
Sold for £280
Philip Harris (British, b.1965)
Portrait of Louise lying in the grass, 1990
signed and dated (lower right)
oils on canvas
151cm x 59cm.

with Merz Contemporary Art Ltd., London.

Time Out, May 20-27, 1992;
The Artist's and Illustrator's Magazine, December 1992.

Harris won the BP Portrait Award in 1993 and the noted art critic Brian Sewell championed his work for many years writing 'Harris fits quite happily into the many strange English traditions of romanticism, tinged with mystery, or even mysticism, yet is unmistakably original and no man's slavish imitator'. (Art Review, 1993, p.19). His work has been classified as skinhead pre-raphaelitism.
Sold for £1,000
Stephen Chambers (British, b.1960)
Bath Time, 1990/1991
signed, titled and dated (to reverse)
oils on canvas
76cm x 86.5cm.

with Flowers East, London.
Sold for £600
George Rowlett (British, b.1941)
Corner of a cornfield at Hull Place, Sholden, 1990
signed, dated and titled (to reverse)
oils on canvas
35cm x 60.5cm.

with The Albemarle Gallery, London.
Sold for £550
Tony Peart (British, b.1961)
Shadows on a Hillside, 1992
oils and wax on canvas
30cm x 24.5cm.

with The Piccadilly Gallery, London.
Sold for £190
Alan MacDonald (British, b.1962)
'Castaway', 1993
inscribed and dated (to reverse)
oils on paper
33cm x 25cm.

with Merz Contemporary Art Ltd., London.
Sold for £220
Lesley Fotherby (British, b.1946)
Catching a leaf
initialled (lower left)
11.5cm x 16.5cm.

Chris Beetles, London, Leslie Fotherby, June 1989, no.27.
Estimate: £100 - 200
Edward Wesson (British, 1910-1983)
St. Mary le Bow, Cheapside
signed and titled in pen
pen, ink and watercolour
30cm x 21.5cm.
Sold for £300
Jane Corsellis (British, b.1940)
The Rehearsal, Mark Elder conducting the ENO
signed (lower right)
oils on board
16cm x 15cm.
Sold for £240
Patrick Hughes (British, b.1939)
Brillo, 2008
6/7, artist's proof, signed and numbered in pencil
3D hand painted multiple with lithography
42.5cm high, 34.5cm across and 17cm deep.
Estimate: £1,000 - 1,500
Patrick Hughes (British, b.1939)
Sheep, 2008
5/7, artist's proof, signed and numbered in pencil
3D hand painted multiple with lithography
42.5cm high, 34.5cm across and 17cm deep.
Estimate: £1,000 - 1,500
Karolina Larusdottir (Icelandic, b.1943)
Waiting maids, 1994
signed and dated (lower right)
pencil and watercolour
15cm x 25cm.
Sold for £460
Richard Bawden (British, b.1936)
In the Garden, 2003
signed and dated (lower right)
37cm x 53cm.
Sold for £550
Adrian Stokes (British, 1902-1972)
Italian lakeside village
signed (lower right)
oils on board
20.5cm x 26.5cm.
Sold for £350
Alan Davie (British, b.1920)
Moon Maiden No. 2, 1968
signed, dated and titled (upper left)
watercolour and gouache
55cm x 76cm.
Sold for £2,800
Alan Davie (British, b.1920)
Moon Maiden No. 7, 1968
signed, dated and titled (lower right)
watercolour and gouache
51cm x 78cm.
Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000
Alan Reynolds (British, b.1926)
The Village in February, 1952
signed and dated in pencil (upper left), further signed, and inscribed '32M12/The Village/in February/A. Reynolds' (on a label to reverse)
ink and watercolour
36.5cm x 51.5cm.

with The Redfern Gallery, London, 1952;
Mrs E. S. Lowe;
Private Collection, UK.

This work was exhibited at Reynolds' first solo exhibition at The Redfern Gallery.
Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000
Keith Grant (British, b.1930)
The Volcano in the North, Iceland, 1976
signed, dated and titled
conté, charcoal and pastel
53cm x 73cm.

with Roland, Browse & Delbanco, London.
Collection of Alan Roger;
Sotheby's, London, The Rogers Collection, 28-30 January 1998.
Sold for £700
Raymond James Coxon (British, 1896-1997)
Welsh landscape
signed (lower left)
oils on canvas
62cm x 75cm.

By descent through the artist's family.

City Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent, Raymond Coxon Retrospective, April - June 1987, no.30.

Raymond Coxon was a painter for over 75 years, producing diverse art work which became collectable in artistic circles. His work was bought by figures such as Maynard Keynes, Sir Michael Sadler, Sir Edward Marsh and Henry Lamb, and his artwork now hangs in many museum collections.

Coxon studied at Leeds College of Art (1919-21), where he became a close friend of the sculptor Henry Moore. Alongside Moore, Coxon visited France in 1922 and met Malliol and Bonnard. He went on to study at the Royal College of Art (1921-25), under Sir William Rothenstein and taught at Richmond School of Art (1925).

In 1927 Coxon and his wife, together with Henry Moore and Leon Underwood formed the short-lived Independent Society.

His first one man exhibition took place in 1928 with the London Artists Association at the Cooling Galleries. He went onto have one-man shows at the Leicester Galleries (1936, 1940, 1947 and 1960), was a member of the London Group (1932), the Chiswick Group (1938), and became an official war artist seconded to the navy in the Second World War (1940-45).

Perhaps some of his most notable work, alongside his landscapes, were his portraits of his friends including Henry Moore, Ceri Richards, Vivian Pitchforth and John Piper.
Sold for £160

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