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Saturday, 17 March, 2012

Vintage Posters from the 1950s & 1960s

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The search will match lots with descriptions containing any of the search words. To require or exclude certain search words prefix the search term with a plus '+' or minus '-' sign. You may group your search words with parentheses '()' (e.g. to find lots with descriptions containing the word 'Staffordshire' and either of the words 'figure' or 'group' but not the word 'Toby' the search terms would be '+Staffordshire +(figure group) -Toby'.

To search for a phrase put double quotes around the words (e.g. "first edition" will match 'a first edition of' but not 'the first of a limited edition').

By default the search only finds exact matches for words (e.g. searching for 'chair' will not find either 'chairs' or 'armchair'). You may add an asterisk to the end of a search term to match words beginning with that search term (e.g. 'arm*' will match any of the words 'armchair', 'Armenian' or 'armour').

Searches are not case-sensitive. Only words of three or more letters will be matched (e.g. 'as*' will match 'ash' but not 'as'. Apostrophes are included as part of a word (e.g. to match "O'Connor" you would simply enter the whole name, including the apostrophe).

Maximum Estimates

Maximum estimate values, if specified, will be compared against a lot's lower estimate. For example, if you search with a maximum estimate of 200, this will find a lot with an estimate of 80-120 or of 180-240, but not a lot with an estimate 220 - 300.

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